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Why Do Chiropractors Use Thermography?

by Oasis Wellness Partners on November 28, 2020       Oasis Maine - Thermography

What is Thermography and Why Do Chiropractors Use it?

Thermography is a safe and painless procedure used to detect heat in the human body. The highest body temperature is at the core of the body and the heat decreases progressively as it moves towards the periphery. Maintaing a symmetrical temperature pattern is one sign of proper homeostasis. A deviation from this normal pattern of temperature may indicate that a problem exists, often in the spinal column.

Thermography is used in chiropractic as an objective way to discover temperature differences in the human body. Chiropractic started using thermographic exams back in the 1920’s! The temperature difference was demonstrated to show where a vertebra was misaligned, causing irritation and inflammation. Half a century later, these findings were scientifially proven and thereafter, thermography has been shown to be an excellent method of detecting subluxations.

“Paraspinal thermography is the thermographic study using a probe or dual probe instrument for comparing one side of the spine to the other. The change in temperature is thought to relate to blood vessel constriction controlled by sympathetic nerves.” As the nerves are inflamed, there is a decreased function to the blood vessels. Often, after a chiropractic adjustment, this changes. This explains why we always do a thermographic scan BEFORE we adjust practice members–we want to ensure the scan is correct and has not been altered by the chiropractic adjustment .

When nerves or nearby joint receptors become stressed, a sympathetic response occurs, commonly known as the “fight or flight mechanism.” This response then causes a decrease in blood flow. The decrease in blood flow at these levels is seen thermographically as “cold spots”.

Chiropractic and Thermography

All chiropractors look at the misalignment of the vertebra in the spine, and do extensive physical exams including a range of motion, postural pictures, pain tests, tenderness, palpation, etc. Thermography has often not been as available as other procedures, such as Xray technology, due to the cost of purchasing the thermographic technology. The good news is that more affordable infrared thermography has become available, so that some Chiropractors, such as Chiropractic Family Wellness Center, have began to use thermal imaging systems in their own offices. At Chiropractic Family Wellness Center, we have been using thermography safely and effectively for over a decade to get a whole picture of a person’s health and ensure we give the best possible chiropractic care to you and your family. Give us a call to get your thermographic spinal scan today-(207) 883-5549.

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