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Reflexology Therapy

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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a therapy focused on the hands and feet where pressure and small manipulations are used in very specific points that correlate to other areas of the body. This is a great modality to utilize if you are sensitive to full body massage or have discomfort that traditional therapies couldn’t treat. Reflexology is a great relaxation tool and steppingstone for more optimal health.

  • Read More About Reflexology

    There have been many medical studies of reflexology that prove its effectiveness for pain management, stress reduction, and healing negative psychological patterns. Western explanations of these results tend to rely on the deep interconnectivity of the central nervous system. The nerves in your skin connect to major internal organs, which lends credence to science behind reflexology treatment. By stimulating the nervous system in a related but distant part of the body, reflexology allows those systems to relax around the associated organs or body regions, creating a sense of ease.

  • What Can Reflexology Treat?

    Reflexology works through vital life force energy and the electrical pulsing of the nervous system. Reflexology offers clients a very low risk way of improving general wellbeing by dealing with pain, stress, and related health issues.

    This therapy has been reported to boost the immune system (especially when healing from colds and mild infections,) clearing congested sinuses, improving digestion, hormonal balance and fertility, reducing peripheral neuropathy, acting as a complimentary therapy for cancer and easing its side effects, as well as addressing acute and long term back or arthritis pain. Reflexology is especially powerful as a part of a broader alternative and/or conventional medical treatment plan. The ability of reflexology to indirectly activate parts of your nervous system that are affecting your overall health is deeply complementary to many other treatments.

  • What to Expect During Reflexology Treatment

    Your reflexologist will start by educating you on the history and science behind the therapy. A relaxing foot bath will start the process and prep the feet for treatment. You will lay fully clothed on a heated table, covered by a blanket with your feet (and hands if applicable) out. Reflexology requires physical touch, and often involves pressure to sensitive areas of the feet and hands. While this pressure can sometimes be uncomfortable, the sensitivity is a direct result of the section of the foot or hand’s connection to the corresponding area of the body where you’re experiencing pain or health concerns. Your reflexologist will ask you to let her know if something becomes too uncomfortable and will also educate you along the way about which body part or system she is working on. Similar to trigger point massage therapy, the pain means it’s working.

    Your reflexologist will prioritize your comfort and use the gentlest effective pressure to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. The overall effect of reflexology is deeply relaxing, and most clients report only very mild, if any, tenderness after treatment.

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