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What Is Chiropractic and What Does It Do?

Chiropractic (often shortened to ‘chiro’ or referred to incorrectly as ‘chiropracty’) is a complete system of wellness care with the goal of clearing interferences along the spine to allow optimal function of all other body systems. Chiropractic is a “brain based” science and art created to allow the body’s innate intelligence to take the center stage in healing processes.

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    Doctors of Chiropractic or DCs, go beyond the treatment of back pain. The generalized narrative of “why would I see a chiropractor? I don’t have back pain!” is one we interact with daily. At a chiropractor’s office, we are observing and treating the nervous system as a whole to allow optimal vitality from the inside out. When your nervous system is functioning properly, other body systems follow suit. So how do we treat the nervous system? Our Central Nervous System begins in the brain, travels along the brain stem, and extends into the spinal cord, all housed within the structure of the spine. We work on the back, neck, limbs, and joints to clear subluxations and allow free communication from the nervous system to the rest of the body. Once we clear the information highway that is the nervous system, we see a decrease in pain, less irritation in the muscle system surrounding the spine and other organs, a greater ability to deal with stress, reduction in anxiety, and a resounding overall better sense of wellbeing.

    Your body is designed to be healthy, and you were born with innate vitality. Life experiences, mental and physical stress, trauma, poor sleep, and repeated habits lead to subluxations, which cause “traffic” or blockages in the spine and surrounding tissues. Our work is focused on working with your body and its innate intelligence, using adjustments to clear the roadways for better communication and function and thereby returning to optimal health.

  • What Can Chiropractic Accomplish?

    By maximizing your nervous system’s ability to act and respond in a healthy way, chiropractic work promotes your body’s health as a whole. Our fundamental belief is that dis-ease and dis-order cause a lack of health, resulting in symptoms we can address without pharmaceutical or surgical interventions. We aim to empower the body to heal itself with the support of chiropractic adjustments and adjunct therapies, not mask the symptoms and create more dis-ease. Your body has a complete, inherent blueprint for how to function properly, in a healthy way, and the vast majority of common health problems can be understood as a deviation from this blueprint, rather than a biomechanical flaw. There are numerous techniques and systems of practice within Chiropractic, and we encourage you to visit our Chiropractic Family Wellness Center website.

    Oasis Wellness Center is built upon the foundation of looking at the body as a whole in order to treat symptoms and achieve wellness. We know that by combining a multitude of proven, complementary, alternative therapies and practitioners under one roof is essential to providing our clients the best possible care. Education and active participation in health are paramount to a successful wellness journey, our center offers the opportunity to learn and grow to all individuals in and around our community.

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