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What is Hypnosis?

Consulting hypnosis is a process of hypnotic therapy focused on helping clients change their habits, behavior, or their health to better their lives. Common uses of consulting hypnosis include quitting smoking, losing weight, reducing stress, eliminating fears and phobias, changing or dropping bad habits, improving confidence, or even increasing athletic performance.

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    Hypnotherapists help clients change fundamental and limiting beliefs about their own state or abilities. Hypnosis aims to empower people to make the changes they want or need to make. Hypnosis guides the participant into a suggestive state so that change can be made internally but will never result in a change that you don’t already want to make.

    Consulting hypnosis is focused on providing clients with supportive psychological shifts that help them change fundamental beliefs and make long term changes. The techniques of Hypnosis have four main stages: relaxation, suggestion, coping skills, and exploration of past experiences. Combined, these techniques allow the consulting hypnotist to address issues and bring about heightened awareness, focus, and ease.

  • What Can Hypnosis Accomplish?

    Entrenched beliefs about our abilities and limitations can seem impossible to overcome. It is the goal of a Consulting Hypnotist to uncover these deep seeded interferences so that old patterns and habits can be broken. Hypnosis is an incredible tool to reverse negative habits like smoking, addiction, or over-eating. People also seek hypnosis to improve test scores buy learning to refocus in class, up their golf game, or make peer interactions less stress inducing. Hypnosis is extremely helpful in the changing of identity as people utilize the practice to improve their sleeping habits, overcome anxiety, conquer phobias, and increase overall sense of wellbeing.

    Many consulting hypnotherapists work in conjunction with conventional and alternative healthcare providers to supplement other methods of treatment for various conditions. At Oasis Wellness Partners, we have embraced hypnosis as a supplemental or independent treatment for clients who want to make positive change in their life and health. If you’re ready to start changing your life, consulting hypnosis presents a fantastic opportunity to make it happen.

  • What to Expect During Hypnosis Treatment

    Hypnosis gives those who seek it the ability to enter a deep state of relaxation. Clients can enter a “trance-like” meditative state. This new sense of awareness allows your practitioner to initiate changes within you, addressing concerns and integrating tools to overcome them. Your Consulting Hypnotherapist will never suggest a change that your body and mind don’t already want to make.

    Your practitioner will walk you through every step of the process, ensuring privacy and comfort throughout your session. When you make your initial appointment, the extra time is taken to gather a comprehensive history of concerns and goals. Then, your job is to relax in this intimate one-on-one setting and allow your practitioner to lead you through the amazing restorative process. Future and consistent follow-up appointments lead to a stronger groundwork and greater results.

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