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About Oasis Wellness Partners

Expertly treating the community in the Scarborough, ME area

Who We Are

Oasis is proud to be the largest Wellness Facility in New England hosting a multitude of hand-picked services that complement one another perfectly. We have a collection of the finest practitioners and Doctors working collaboratively in a client-centered format that puts whole body wellness at the forefront.

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    With a focus on collaboration, Oasis Wellness Partners exists to help anyone who walks through our door find optimal wellbeing in whatever form is suitable for them. Whether it’s a relaxing reflexology session after a long work week, or a total Wellness Care package integrating regular chiropractic adjustments along with an intensive regimen of acupuncture and massage, we are here for you and are eager to facilitate your wellness journey.

    This safe space is an escape from the stress and worry of everyday life. We encourage every person, from any walk of life to step through our front door and feel the undeniable calm and welcome that flows throughout our center. We’ve built this home to help you address your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing all in one place. No matter your health challenges, age, gender, or identity you will find healing here. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all approaches that focus on the same limited set of treatment tools for every possible ailment. Instead, we operate as a wellness forum, with your health as our central focus.

    We offer the optimal path to wellness: to support a community of diverse and unique people requires a cooperative community of equally diverse health experts.

    Because our mission is to help families and individuals thrive in our community, we have made a point of keeping therapies as affordable as possible, with cash prices that are often lower than a copay might be. Plus, many insurance plans will offer reimbursement for the quality preventative, palliative care offered at Oasis. This approach allows us to be accessible to all, regardless of insurance coverage or income.

What Sets Us Apart?

Not only do we offer the most wellness services under one roof, but we are more affordable than other alternative healthcare practices in the area. With creative payment solutions like payment plans, family discounts, and discounted wellness credits, people can begin and maintain their wellness journey for less than expected. A healthy community is a thriving community.

We have the widest range of experts providing more services to more clients than any other alternative healthcare office in Maine. Including Eastern traditional medicine practitioners, Western traditional medicine practitioners, and modern and ancient therapies. Collectively we have more than a century of experience across our respective fields.

We are deeply invested in the Scarborough Maine community, because it’s our community. We have worked and lived in and around Scarborough for over 30 years. On a quarterly basis, we raise money for charities around the area. We open our doors to all members of the community regardless of means or background.

We often share our mission and services in fun and creative ways. Through educational talks, seminars, mini-sessions, and large-scale events, we love connecting with our community! Take a look at our upcoming events.

Perhaps most importantly, we value family and relationships above all else. With more than 30 years of healthcare service to our community, we have proven our commitment to our values time and again.

The Oasis Mission

Our mission is to provide the best possible alternative therapies for holistic health and well-being to the individuals and families in our community. We do this with the aim of helping and strengthening our community. We are committed to being open to all, regardless of age, race, or background. We always strive to serve our community to the best of our ability under all circumstances. These commitments are focused upon our ultimate goal:

fostering a lifetime of health and wellbeing

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