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Why Chiropractic?

by Oasis Wellness Partners on December 11, 2018      

Chiropractic care’s aim is to help the human body’s own innate intelligence, which seeks balance, or homeostasis, among all the systems of the body. Chiropractic emphasizes that proper alignment is necessary for the healthy function of the body and teaches that the nervous system is the center of all of the body’s functions.

Chiropractic founder Daniel David Palmer defined the human body as a “dynamic self-regulator”. The body naturally seeks to maintain balance, or homeostasis. In homeostatic balance, bodily processes work together to achieve balance. For example, when we suffer an injury or become infected with a virus, the body automatically repairs itself or attacks the infection. When we’re too warm, we perspire; when we get too cold, we shiver. These are automatic functions of a healthy body to remain in a state of balance. However, with too much screen-time, overwork and undernourishment, the body can get overtaxed and begin to struggle to keep regulated. The chiropractor’s role is to identify and remove whatever barriers to nerve function balance may exist to bring the body back in balance.

Chiropractic follows the belief that nerve and organ dysfunction is often the result of misaligned vertebrae of the spine, which can result from anything from an injury to simple daily living. Chiropractors use spinal assessment and adjustment to alleviate the irritation of the nerves along the spine and throughout the body.

A good chiropractor will work with you both to address your individual body and needs through chiropractic adjustments, and also act as a support to achieve life changes to ensure that you live your best and healthiest life. At Oasis, home of Chiropractic Family Wellness Center, we offer chiropractic care, as well as yoga, massage, acupuncture, EFT (tapping), Reiki and Reflexology, a nutrition counselor, and a Naturopathic doctor, all to help our practice members achieve true mind, body and spirit balance. Oasis is similar to a gym, where your membership offers you access to all the modalities we offer at affordable rates. Come and see us to be and live your very best life!

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