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Reflexology: Helps in Managing Pain

by Oasis Wellness Partners on April 30, 2023       Oasis Wellness Partners

Working on the ‘reflex points’ on localized areas of the body, reflexology induces a state of relaxation that eases tension, releases endorphins, and suppresses the transmission of signals to the spinal cord and brain that triggers a pain response. Reflexology is a technique we practice here in Oasis Wellness Partners to help our clients restore and maintain their body’s natural balance and facilitate healing.

Reflexology is a type of manual therapy that involves applying pressure to the feet, ears, or hands. It is an ancient Chinese practice that surged in popularity as a holistic therapy to relieve pain and stress. Reflexologists believe that these areas, known as reflex points, correspond to different organs and systems in the body, and that by applying pressure to these points, it stimulates the body’s natural healing processes and helps to restore balance and harmony. Incorporating reflexology into your self-care routine using our reflexology tools will help increase energy, boost circulation, prevent migraines, eliminate toxins, and support overall well-being. By encouraging deep relaxation reflexology supports all the body’s systems to work effectively. With stress as a major contributing factor in many digestive conditions, reflexology will help induce deep relaxation and calm the nervous system thereby flushing off waste and toxins and eases pain.

It is beneficial to discover the benefits of reflexology for yourself. It is very effective for promoting better health and preventing illness, as it will be for relieving the symptoms of stress, injury and improving your mood. Treat yourself to a little relaxation with our reflexology add on. Delight in the benefits that come with it. You will not regret it and your body will thank you.

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