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Improved Sports Performance and Chiropractic Care

by Oasis Wellness Partners on January 16, 2021       Oasis Maine - Sports

Sports are becoming more and more competitive on the high school, college and professional levels. Even small performance improvements can make a huge difference against increasing competition. That’s why athletes are turning to chiropractors to help them train better, prevent injuries, and reduce injury recovery times.

Since chiropractors are musculoskeletal system experts, they are often the top choice for many athletes who want to pursue preventive and performance-based care. For years, Chiropractors have treated world-class Olympic athletes to enhance their strength, endurance, and mobility. Olympic athletes also receive chiropractic care while at the games, for example, at the 2012 Summer Olympics, nearly 30 certified chiropractic sports physicians served on the team. There were an additional 40 chiropractors present to treat Team USA and other teams from around the world. Chiropractors have helped Team USA win more than 750 medals since 1980, including 314 gold medals. In addition, a Chiropractor served as Medical Director for Team USA’s medical team.

But you don’t have to be an Olympic or professional athlete for your sports performance to benefit from chiropractic. Runners, swimmers, golfers, tennis players, avid hikers, and many other recreational athletes have found that they perform better, experience less injuries, and enjoy their activities more while receiving chiropractic care. High school and college students looking to have an edge also experience the benefits of chiropractic care with their ability to play sports. Read on for some of the benefits of chiropractic care on your experience as an athlete.

Preventing Injuries

Preventing injuries can be one of the most important part of chiropractic care for athletes. Chiropractic adjustments can be very helpful in preventing injury and dysfunction. At Chiropractic Family Wellness Center in Scarborough, Maine will check the spine for structural alignment and mobility to make sure the spine is ready to perform the activities needed for the sport. Full range of motion of the spine is of tantmount important and will decrease the chance of injuries. It’s also very important for athletes to have full range of motion in their arms and legs. We will assess and adjust every joint in the upper and lower extremities to make sure they are functioning optimally.

Balance, Coordination & Performance

When the spine and extremities are aligned, then balance, coordination, and performance will improve because the brain and nervous system can communicate more efficiently. This is very important for an athlete and a good reason to see a chiropractor regularly even if there are no injuries or dysfunction present.

Muscle Strength

When the spine is misaligned, pressure on the nerves can affect the muscles in the body. Every muscle is activated by a nerve or nerves that exist in the spinal column. Pressure on the nerve will decrease the ability of the nerve to send the signal to the muscle. This results in decreased muscle strength, which can negatively affect sports performance.


Flexibility is another important part of excellent sports performance. An athlete will make sure stretching is a part of their routine, but chiropractic can also help deepen the effectiveness of stretching. Full range of motion will be easier and stretching can be more efficient when the spine and extremities are properly aligned.

Chiropractic Family Wellness Center Can Improve Sports Performance

Athletes make sure they exercise, eat right, hydrate, sleep enough, and take their supplements, but taking care of the spine is just as important. Chiropractic Care can help you enjoy your sport with fewer injuries and dysfunction and decrease the stress the sport puts on your body. Call our Scarborough, Maine chiropractic office to schedule initial appointments for all the athletes in your life: (207) 883-5549.

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