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How to Stay Healthy During Difficult Times

by Oasis Wellness Partners on June 15, 2020       Oasis Wellness Partners

Well, here we are, more than three months into a pandemic, and many people are still floundering in the chaos, not clear of what’s to come, and unsure of how to move forward with life or work. We wanted to address ways to slow down and plan your life to give you some space to ground yourself, and move forward.

Mental Health

This time has been challenging emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, not to mention physically. Staying mentally clear throughout this time will help you stay grounded and keep your immune system strong—vitally important points during this time!

Stay Grounded in the Here and Now

Acceptance –While you can’t turn worry off (will I lose my job, will there be school in the fall), you can change your behavior. Your behavior will either feed the anxiety and fear or it will starve it. Limit brooding – if you find yourself stuck in a thought spiral, change what you’re doing, engage with family time or joyful activities, read a book, get outside and move. No one knows what is coming next—so shift your energy to joy now. Time Shift –Almost everything takes longer. Grocery lines to enter the store, delivery times if ordering online. For some, getting kids through their schoolwork is taking longer. Accept this and plan for it. Presence

Live Now –Commit to being in the moment. We don’t know what is to come and we can’t control it. So be present in the here and now. If nothing, this experience is showing us clearly what we can and can’t control. Focus on the next best step before you. Grace

Be patient –Offer a little more space and kindness to yourself and others. Give others the benefit of the doubt, recognize they are doing the best they feel they can regardless of whether or not you agree. Grace goes a long way to contributing to your mental health Routines

Sticking to routines can be quite helpful in decreasing some of the anxiety resulting from challenge of uncertainty.

Get up at your normal work time, shower, dress as you would normally on a given work day—it may give you an energy boost.

Start and end at your normal work times, and try to maintain a regular workspace to give you a sense of clear boundaries.

Stay in touch with work colleagues whom you enjoy—this may help you to feel less disconnected from the norm.

Take a normal lunch time and eat the way you normally would at work. Or, implement even healthier eating.

Use what would be your commute time for exercise—you now have some time you may have been yearning for to put more healthy practices in place!


As a healthcare provider, one of the most common excuses we hear for not participating in healthy behavior is the lack of time. Right now most people have at least a chunk of unclaimed time and unused energy since many activities have been canceled. So put that time to good use!

Follow your basic health guidelines, such as getting regular chiropractic adjustments, sleeping more, drinking water, and eating healthy food.

Limit alcohol or food that you may use to numb anxiety, fear or boredom. Try meditation instead.

Be creative with your exercise routine—get outside!

Keeping to routines will help give you a sense of normalcy and groundedness throughout this time. By feeding positive behaviors and habits that feed your health, you will be able to weather this extremely challenging time with grace and courage. Call us at Chiropractic Family Wellness Center in Scarborough, Maine to schedule your adjustment at (207)883-5549.

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