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How to Create the Perfect Morning Routine

by Oasis Wellness Partners on July 1, 2022       Oasis Wellness Partners

Having a healthy life starts by having a healthy morning routine—one that sets the tone of your day, week, month—life! Here are some tips to integrate into your morning to have the best day ever.

Get Up at the Same Time, Every Day

The body feels best and most alert if it has a set schedule for sleeping and waking. Set your alarm for the same time every morning (preferably so you can have some quiet time to yourself if you can) and don’t hit the snooze button! Jessica Hollis, author of bestselling book Girl, Wash your Face, talks about not waking up with your alarm is starting your day by breaking a promise to yourself—and no one wants to start their days like that!

Drink Lemon Water

The benefits of lemon water are well-documented, and doing this simple thing can give you a boost of energy, help promote good digestion and clear skin, and flush the body of waste that accumulated overnight. Drinking lemon water can make you less likely to head back to bed. Make it easy for yourself—put the glass, lemon, cutting board and knife next to the sink the night before so that you can put it all together without having to think much (it’s too early!)

Pray, Journal, or Meditate in Natural Light

Focusing your thoughts through prayer, meditation or journaling can be the most peaceful way to set the tone for your day. Try meditating for 5 minutes by repeating to yourself a mantra or affirmation that makes you feel joy and gratitude (I love my life and all that I share with the world, is an example). Also, journaling for 5 minutes each morning can unleash creativity and a sense of calm and purpose for the rest of the day. If it is dark out still, doing these activities near a sunlamp can help balance the adrenals and get the hormones leveled.


Movement of any kind helps get the blood flowing. Taking the dog for a walk, doing some yoga stretches or sun salutations, or even pushups can get the body feeling more alert and ready to take on whatever is coming its way.

There are so many benefits to regular movement, and getting your blood flowing first thing helps you have more energy for the rest of the day.


Showering and dry brushing can also be a fantastic way to stimulate the body and mind for a successful day. Citrus soap can add a zing and fill your senses with cheerfulness and energy.

Do Your “Most Important Thing(s)”

The night before, write down some things you would REALLY like to accomplish first thing in the morning. Maybe it’s getting a head start on laundry, or starting a blog post about perfect mornings (wink, wink), or making a grocery list for the day, or firing off some important emails for work. Whatever it is, prioritize it first so that it gets done and makes you feel productive!


Try to prepare something protein-rich that contains at least one vegetable—like an egg and feta scramble with spinach. Check out a list of healthy breakfast recipes if you need some healthy breakfast ideas.

How to Create the New Routine

The journey of a thousand miles does begin with a single step, but sometimes that first step (in any direction) is the most important. So choose one and start tomorrow!

Don’t try to change your diet, lifestyle, and schedule completely overnight. That’s not practical and is completely overwhelming.

Decide on one baby step and start there. Drink lemon water, wake up a little earlier, quit drinking soda, walk for 15 minutes a day. Just make a small change and focus on that. To make sure it sticks, try using a habit app or journal to track it. Once you’ve done that for a few weeks, introduce another small change. Make a list of the changes you eventually want to implement and work backward to implement them.

Let us know in the comments how it is going for you!

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