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How to Avoid the Mid-Afternoon Slump, Naturally

by Oasis Wellness Partners on October 29, 2019       Oasis Wellness Partners - Avoid the Mid-Afternoon Slump

We’ve all experienced the 3 p.m. wave of tiredness that can come over us during our workdays. But instead of turning to a caffeine as your pick-me-up, there are other ways to bring your energy up and get you feeling awake and productive. Below find 11 ways to power through that afternoon slump quickly and effortlessly. No caffeine needed.

Sniff citrus

Lemon or Lime, anyone? Research on aromatherapy shows that just a whiff of the crisp scent may give us the mental stimulation and mood boost we so desperately need in the middle of the afternoon. Peeling an orange also offers some stress-relieving benefits (not to mention the inevitable dose of Vitamin C you’ll get if you eat it). Keeping your desk stocked with a few essential oils (doterra sells great ones)—Lemon, Lime, Sweet Orange and Bergamot are all great choices. Put some of your wrists and inhale, or put 15 drops of oil in a diffuser and let the scent enliven you.

Go for a walk

Fresh air feels invigorating — just the kind of pick me up you need when you’re feeling dazed. Studies suggest that walks can improve concentration and reduce stress. A recent study published in the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry also found that walking with a little pep in your step can even boost your mood.

Spending time in nature also has benefits to your alertness. Research demonstrates that going for walks outside can decrease feelings of depression and improve mental health. So take a walk around your office, get outside for a few minutes and just breathe.

Work in increments

Do you sometimes sit down to complete a project only to switch to another task a few minutes later? We often struggle with staying focused — and working in segments may be our solution. Some experts suggest that working in 90-minute bursts may help us be more productive in the long run because they give our minds a rest. So after 90 minutes of work, stand up, stretch, take a walk, breathe outside, sniff some lemon essential oil, and then get back to it!

Jog the stairs

There’s nothing quite like exercise to get your blood and brain going. Getting in a quick workout — even if it’s just taking a trip up and down the stairs or around the block outside — will release those endorphins, and research suggests it may make you more productive.

Take a snooze

A 20-minute snooze can boost alertness, productivity and creativity. Sometimes the only way to fight a little fatigue is to give into it. You’ll come back more reenergized, anyway. Is there a place in your office you can take a power nap? It could also be your car. Give it a try and see how much more productive the rest of your afternoon can be.

Music Break

Music can boost your mood and give you the opportunity to take a mini escape. Get lost in the beat, then come back to your work refreshed and ready to tackle the next project.


It may be tempting to reach for a coffee or diet coke, but that’s not going to help your energy levels if you’re actually just dehydrated. Research shows that even mild dehydration can contribute to sleepiness. Switch the carbonated stuff for some filtered water instead and power through your afternoon haze.

Adjust your posture

You’re going to feel like you’re in a slump if you’re body is slumped. Research shows that straightening your posture improves energy and boosts your mood. Come see us at Chiropractic Family Wellness Center to get a spinal analysis to see if your posture is contributing to your tiredness and let us help correct that so that you feel amazing. Call us at our Scarborough, Maine office at (207) 883-5549.

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