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How Counseling Can Benefit You!

by Oasis Wellness Partners on March 14, 2019      

How Counseling Can Benefit You!

A friend or family member has recommended that you go to counseling, but you don’t really know how counseling might benefit you, here are some ways you can benefit from counseling:

  • Non-Judgmental Support
  • Encouragement
  • Acceptance
  • Empathy
  • Compassion
  • Validation
  • A cheerleader to help you set and attain goals
  • A confidential, safe space where you can share your thoughts, feelings and concerns

Counseling assists clients navigating personal issues, such as:

  • Building healthier relationships
  • Managing multiple responsibilities
  • Discovering how to honor yourself
  • Career planning
  • Work life balance
  • Better parenting skills
  • Working through and accepting life transitions
  • Learning how to work with and cope with depression, anxiety, loss, trauma, infidelity, etc.

Working with a counselor offers you a place to tackle your life issue(s) and offers vast potential for growth and personal well-being.

Please call Penny Glover, LCPC-c, at (207) 754-3442 to schedule your appointment.

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