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Ask the Chiropractor: How Long Does it Take for Chiropractic Adjustments to Work?

by Oasis Wellness Partners on October 15, 2019       Oasis Wellness Partners - Chiropractic Adjustments

That’s a great question.

The truth is, Chiropractic works immediately. At the exact moment the two of us adjust your spine, stress is released from the nervous system, body structure, discs, blood vessels, glands, muscles and internal organs. Imagine that—from the very first adjustment!

From that very moment, your body is beginning the process of getting in balance, more blood and fluids are flowing properly to your brain and extremities, your nervous system is better able to send messages and you can better handle stress, and your posture is more balanced… Actually, too many positive things are happening to list here!

When people ask that question they really want to know, “When will I get better?” Patients want to get better and feel great immediately, which is understandable. Sometimes that happens – a problem of longstanding duration clears up after one adjustment. Sometimes it takes a few adjustments, sometimes longer, and sometimes an issue never fully resolves itself.

Why? Well, everyone is different. We all have different histories and health needs. For some people, a chiropractic adjustment is just the thing their bodies have been needing, and lacking. However, due to longstanding subluxation damage (spinal misalignment with nerve system defense patterning), healing can take time.

The bottom line is that HEALTH is the total sum of how you are and how you are functioning, not just how you feel.

When you work with us at Chiropractic Family Wellness Center in Scarborough, Maine, we help practice members so that even if they are in a healing journey, they are continually feeling and healing better, living better and no longer feeling stuck. We always ask practice members to consistently share progress and concerns with us so we may address unique needs and help all of our practice members reach their best as soon as possible. Call us at our Scarborough, Maine office at (207) 883-5549 to schedule a consultation—we promise that we can help you be on the road to feeling and healing better soon!

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