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Ask the Chiropractor: Do I Have a Pinched Nerve?

by Oasis Wellness Partners on October 29, 2020       Ask the Chiropractor: Do I Have a Pinched Nerve?

When too much pressure is applied to the nerves from the tissues due to inflammation, injury or stress, the nerve that is compressed can impair your body in a number of ways, most often, causing pain, inflammation and often, mobility issues. Common places for pinched nerves occur along the arms, legs, and feet but can occur throughout the whole body. Sometimes, the pain can come on suddenly and sometimes, it grows slowly over time. Often, we see people when the pain has become intolerable, but dealing with it before it gets that bad, or acting preventatively, is the best plan of action,

Pinched Nerve Symptoms

Pinches nerve symptoms vary, and often need management to resolve. These are the symptoms we see most often:

1. Pins and Needles

The body is composed of three different types of nerves- sensory, motor, and autonomic nerves. When sensory nerves are compromised, we feel the sensation of “pins and needles” occur–this means that nerve signals cannot be optimally sent to other parts of the body and need to be addressed in order to allow the nervous system to function as it should.

2. Decreased Sensation or Numbness

The poor blood flow that results from pinched nerves, which deprive nerve cells of oxygen, results in numbness or loss of sensation. This often don’t go away until the pinched nerve is treated.

3. Extremities “Falling Asleep”

When the nerve is compressed, the arm or leg may feel as if it “fell asleep” due to being in the same place for an extended period of time. If this symptom occurs spontaneously, it’s best to reach out to a physician for further testing to find out if it is a pinched nerve or another blockage causing the loss of sensation.

4. Burning Pain or Achiness

Burning or achiness are common pinched nerve symptoms, this pain occurs because something near the nerve is inflamed and compressed, or the nerve itself is irritated. This usually is a sharp pain that might radiate outward where the nerve ends, like the lower leg or hand.

5. Muscle Weakness

Muscle weakness occurs when the motor nerves send messages to the brain that the nerve is being pinched. This results in weakness because the nerve is not functioning correctly.


A chiropractic adjustment or manipulation can be performed to treat the pinched nerve and allow for proper circulation throughout the body. When circulation is improved, the body can heal faster and aid in preventing future damage. Call Chiropractic Family Wellness Center in Scarborough, Maine to make an appointment to get your chiropractic adjustment and get your body functioning optimally! (207)883-5549.

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