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Ask the Chiropractor: Can Chiropractic Adjustments Correct My Posture?

by Oasis Wellness Partners on October 8, 2019       Oasis Wellness Partners - Chiropractor Adjustment

Yes they can! Proper posture is a very important part of maintaining physical and emotional health and adjustments can absolutely get your body more aligned. But what is posture? Posture is the position of the body while standing, sitting or lying down. Good posture, which is also called neutral spine, has a great deal of health benefits, which includes prevention of injury and back pain.

Why is Posture Important?

Good question! Good posture can:

  • Maintain correct alignment of bones and joints
  • Reduce stress on ligaments, minimizing risk of injury
  • Prevent muscle strain, overuse and pain
  • Conserve energy as muscles are used more efficiently
  • Decrease abnormal joint wear

Studies have shown that poor posture may also have an impact on us emotionally. When having poor posture, we have increased feelings of depression, poor digestion, and influence confidence and stress levels.

Signs You May Have Poor Posture

The most commons sign of poor posture are hunched shoulders, rounded shoulders, rounded upper back, forward head carriage and arched lower back. Another indicator is back pain. Unsure if you have good posture? Talk to us, your chiropractors at Chiropractic family Wellness Center in Scarborough, Maine or schedule an appointment for a consultation (207) 883-5549.

Factors that Contribute to Poor Posture

There are several common factors linked to poor posture:

  • Stress
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Weak postural muscles
  • Over-tight muscles
  • High-heeled shoes

We can help you to maintain and correct your posture through chiropractic adjustments, exercises and recommendations on proper positions during different activities. Call us today at our Scarborough, ME office to stand tall! (207) 883-5549.

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