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8 Steps to Create a Healthy, Intentional, Fantastic Morning Routine

by Oasis Wellness Partners on May 16, 2019       Oasis Partners - Healthy Breakfast

Spring is a great time to start new habits. How about revamping your morning routine? Starting your day with intention can get you on the path to life-long health. Here are some ideas to use as springboards for your new morning routine.

#1 What’s your intention?

Not everyone wants the same things for themselves. Some people recommend that “every morning you should do calesthenics!” or “every morning you should drink warm lemon water.”

These may be great ideas for some people, but before you start diving in, you should set your intention first: What do you want more of in your day? Productivity? Better health? Joy? Figure out what your goals are, and proceed with designing your morning routine from there.

#2 What do you need to get rid of?

What are some things you are currently doing that are standing in the way of you living your intention? Are you checking your email first thing when your intention is to meditate upon waking? Make a list of things you would like to stop doing so you can make space for the things you want to be doing.

#3 Set Up Obstacles

Set up time or space obstacles to keep you from indulging in habits you want to break.

  • Charge your phone across the room, so you aren’t able to grab it from bed.
  • Set your phone to “Do Not Disturb” so your peaceful morning is not disrupted.
  • Set a timer for answering emails.
  • Sleep in your gym clothes, or keep them next to your bed so you wake up and are immediately on the ready to work out.

#4 Choose Healthier Habits

Now that you have decided what you no longer want to do and have come up with some ways to help yourself stay away from them, what do you want to do instead? What kind of tasks would help you reach your intention? Some ideas that you may benefit from:

  • Yoga Stretches
  • Journaling
  • Reading a chapter of a book
  • Exercise
  • Making a Smoothie
  • Time with Family
  • Time with a Pet
  • Gardening
  • Meditation
  • Listening to Music or Podcasts
  • Painting, Coloring, Writing or Doing Another Creative Endeavor
  • Slowly start incorporating your heathlier habits into your morning routine!

#5 Stop Snoozing

Sleep physicians says that every time you wake up, hit snooze and then roll back over, you enter a brand-new new sleep cycle. And the extra sleep you do get from snoozing is light and fragmented, which could actually leave you feeling more tired.

You’ll feel more rested if you just get up with your first alarm — so either sleep later, or use an alarm with no snooze button.

#6 Get Your Breath Going

Researchers have looked at breathing patterns and found that our bodies are actually running low on oxygen first thing in the morning. So if you take a few deep breaths, it can be a dose of energy — getting you up, waking you up, and oxygenating your blood.

#7 Get Your Back in Shape

We at Chiropractic Family Wellness Center in Scarborough, Maine have found that when people get out of bed without rolling over first, they are at risk of straining their neck or back.

To prevent this, roll over onto your right side, then push yourself up into a sitting position before standing with a straight back. It’s the gentlest way to get up, takes the pressure off your heart and back, and is a great, easy ritual to start your morning right. Call us at (207) 883-5549 to make an appointment to see how your back is doing, and get even more tips on how to live a healthful life!

#8 Make Your Routine a Part of EVERY morning

It’s important to develop a morning routine that also works on weekends. Routines can be an excellent balance of both work and play, as long as they are in line with what your goals and intentions are.

Good luck! Let us know if you try any of these and how it is working for you!!

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