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6 Health Tips for a Fresh Start in 2019

by Oasis Wellness Partners on June 28, 2022       Oasis Wellness Partners - Fresh Start Health Tips

Almost everyone makes a New year’s Resolution or two. And why not? The New year is a great time to reflect on the past year and come up with ways to make this one even better. We have come up with 6 health tips that will improve your physical and mental health this year—let us know if you commit to any of these and how it affects you and your health this year!

1. Experience Something New

Whether it is a new fitness goal (try yoga, yoga nidra meditation, barre class), a new language (is it finally time to take those online Spanish classes?), a new health modality (Reiki, EFT, acupuncture, Reflexology, chiropractic care) or traveling to a new place (Morocco, Turkey, Mexico, Europe)—let 2019 be a year of new discoveries.

2. Eat Brain-Boosting Foods

There are so many essential nutrients you can get from food that support your brain function, manage stress, and just generally make you happier. Foods rich in omega-3, like some fish and nuts as well as those full of antioxidants, can help protect the brain from memory decline. So adding salmon and fruits like blackberries and blueberries to your diet can help with memory and concentration, as well as staving off possible mood and anxiety disorders. So load up on colorful produce, avocados, chocolate, berries, and other good things. Your body and brain will thank you.

3. Set Some Attainable Fitness Improvements

A lot of people have very high expectations of their fitness goals every January, only to lapse back into old habits when those high expectations seem just too difficult to reach. Try increasing your current exercise just a bit this month, and plan to increase it a lott le more the next. For example, set a goal of walking 10,000 steps 5 days a week this month, and 10,000 steps 6 days a week next. Of if you are a current jogger/runner, aim to add weight training 1 day a week this month, and two the next. Then increase the amount of weight each month. Small steps can often lead to more success. What can you increase to improve your fitness in 2019?

4. DeClutter

We know—decluttering is all the rage right now. But with good reason! Having less things means having more time—things take time to clean and care for, not to mention expense. By clearing out your space you make room for the things you really love. Go through your overstuffed closet and drawers—are there things you don’t need or that someone else would need more than you? Donate!

5. Forgive

Sometimes we hold onto old grudges and pain because we are just used to carrying them. Maybe it is time to let go. Create a ritual to let go of bad feelings—light a candle, write down your grudge on paper, and burn it, setting the grudge free. Call or write to the person you have held a grudge against, or simply send good feelings to that person during meditation or prayer. It will feel so much lighter to let go of that old anger or hurt.

6. Be Social

Spending time with friends boosts our health and sense of well-being. Can you bring a friend along on your new discovery or new exercise routine? Could a friend help you declutter? Friends make everything more fun.

Let us know if you have any luck incorporating one or all of these into your 2019!

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