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5 Reasons to Use ChiroFlow’s Water Pillow for Better Sleep

by Oasis Wellness Partners on January 6, 2021       Bookmark and Share

Oasis Maine - ChiroFlow’s Water Pillow

Sometimes, we wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, but very often, we don’t. Soreness, stiffness, aching necks and backs are far too common upon waking. Sometimes it is sleep position that is contributing to the problem, but have you ever considered that your pillow might be at the root of the issue? At Chiropractic Family Wellness Center, we swear by ChiroFlow water-based pillows to help our practice members and their loved ones sleep better and feel more rested. Check out the 5 reasons we think you should consider trying one for yourself!

They’re Perfect for Any Type of Sleeper

Whether you’re a back sleep, stomach sleeper or side sleeper, a water pillow can provide support that is responsive. Back sleepers generally benefit from thicker, more enveloping pillows, while side sleepers do great with thinner, firmer designs. The water pillow works for all types of sleepers! Simply adjust the water level in your water pillow to create the perfect amount of support for whatever style sleeper you are.

You’ll have Less Aches and Pains

By changing the level of water in your water pillow to create the responsive support, firmness and shape for your unique body, you’ll have much better alignment of your head, neck and spine throughout the night. This can help mprove overall quality of sleep and reduce neck pain. Imagine a future where you wake up everyday feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and free from pain! Water pillows make this a reality.

Water Pillows Stay in Place

Since water weighs more than most pillow fill materials, water pillows are great for staying put throughout the night. Why is this important? Because head, neck and back problems can occur when a shifting pillow no longer adequately supports the body. A pillow that stays in place will support your body better, period.

You’ll Get Higher Quality Beauty Sleep

Did you know that one of the more surprising benefits of using a water pillow is improved skin? It’s true! You see, seven or eight hours of your face pressing against a pillow can wear and tear on your skin, which can lead to wrinkles, itchy dry patches and other irritations. A water pillow, on the other hand, conforms to the contours of your face and minimizes skin discomfort – leading to clearr skin and fewer wrinkles.

You’ll Wake Up Less Throughout the Night

The sense of wellness and abundance of energy that comes from a good night’s sleep is directly attributed to how soundly you sleep. Some of the body’s restorative functions start unless you’re at least three continuous hours into your sleep cycle. If you find yourself waking up every hour or two, your system won’t be able to maintain itself appropriately – leading to exhaustion and a lack of energy.

The benefits of a water pillow include more restful sleep, reduced pain, and more. But beyond this, thousands of people have found that a water pillow is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to improve sleep quality, every night.

Give us a call at our Scarborough, Maine office to get your ChiroFlow Pillow and sleep better tonight! (207) 883-5549.

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