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Oasis has become one of my favorite places to spend my days off. I first started going for chiropractic appointments and was amazed by how friendly and helpful everyone who works there is. I have since then started taking yoga classes at the studio they have in house. How convenient!! Over all I’ve been very impressed with all aspects of this health and wellness center. Anyone looking to go to the chiropractor for any reason should definitely consider Oasis as their new go to. They are so helpful in making a plan that works for you both financially and lifestyle wise.

M. Forester

I have never been in better hands, from the moment you walk through the door, kindness exudes. My spine and muscular system has become aligned by these ace chiropractors. Gentle, easy, seemingly insignificant stretches/adjustments creates an opportunity for your body to heal and thrive. I have had consistently fabulous massages from Jane who finds all my overworked places and breaks them apart. Her ability to read my body is awesome. I highly recommend the Oasis for ones overall health and well-being. Please take advantage of the services offered at Oasis, your body will thank you.

Titch D

I feel so fortunate to have found Oasis Wellness Partners!! The gals behind the desk, (so easy going and pleasant), the fabulous yoga instructors, Reiki, reflexology, massage, acupuncture, the amazing Dr. Meg and Dr. Carroll, are ALL under one roof! All so very courteous, sensitive and extremely knowledgeable. Both doctors have helped me tremendously. Both mentally and physically. They listen, are sensitive and brilliant! They are gentle, and treatments are effective. Recently, I went in with a horrible headache, which I seldom get. The doctor ran her hands over my checks, and said,”your TMJ joint is out of place.” A quick little adjustment, and voila… headache gone. 😀 Its been 3 years since discovering this absolutely spotless and only positive energy filled oasis!! So very grateful to have their expertise.

H. Watson