Oasis Wellness Partners

Fostering a Lifetime of Health and Wellbeing

Since 1991, Chiropractic Family Wellness Center’s goal has been to facilitate our community’s optimal health. Over the last several years, the practice has evolved into Oasis Wellness Partners, where in addition to chiropractic, we have added many modalities to help our community thrive.

About Us

We’ve built this home for wellness in order to help you to holistically address your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health all in one place. Despite your health challenges, age, gender, or identity; Oasis is a safe space existing to help you heal and grow into your healthiest self.

We have three main priorities as a healthcare and wellness provider in Scarborough, Maine:

  • We are committed to your ongoing health and vitality.  While a symptom, pain, or disorder might bring you to us, we want to be your long term partners in maintaining and expanding your wellness.
  • We seek to serve families in all their diverse and glorious forms.  From prenatal and neonatal care to serving  elder’s needs, we understand the diverse health challenges of all the unique individuals who come to us for care.
  • We believe in serving you, no matter who you are.  There is no one-size-fits-all therapy, modality, or treatment.  Everyone is an individual, and at Oasis, we take this reality seriously with individualized care devised by a collaborative team of wellness professionals.

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Start Your Wellness Journey Today

With nearly a dozen alternative healthcare professionals under one roof, Oasis Wellness Partners is equipped and prepared to help you with your health needs.  We maintain a core focus on accessibility and affordability, even without insurance.  If you are ready to take control of your health and improve your life, contact us today at 207-883-5549 or connect@oasismaine.com to set your first appointment.  We are so excited to help you, together we can do this!

Warm, inviting, comforting and healing environment, clean and relaxing. I have recently had the most wonderful massage and foot reflexology treatments here that I did not realize how much I needed until I experienced the wonderful healing touch of both therapists. I highly recommend making an appointment and giving yourself the gift of touch, healing and wellbeing.

J. Coyle

I have been going to these loving ladies for 20? years, a very long time. They care so very much for their clients and show it with each appointment. Whether you need maintenance, or injury care, or more involved therapy, they will work with you for your best health. Wonderful Women for sure.

M. Lumbert

Our family loves Oasis!! Our 3 week old was showing signs of tightness in her neck and our 4yo was having headaches daily! We are so thankful for the loving care they give our family every time we visit! We have all experienced healing in various ways and are excited to see more healing through the work of Dr. Meg and Dr. Carroll!!!

H. Watson